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Acoustic guitar lessons at Caroline Springs School of Guitar engage two types of right hand techniques, one involves using a plectrum to either flat-pick the strings or strum the strings, and the other requires the player to use the fingers and nails of the right hand, otherwise known as finger picking. The ability to use both of these techniques doubles your potential repertoire by increasing the amount of styles at your fingertips.

Some of those styles and players are Country blues artists such as the original trend setter Merle Travis, Stefan Grossman, Marcel Dadi, Ry Cooder, Mega pickers like Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Clapton (unplugged album), Mark Knopfler (most of his solo work), and Bluegrass Flat-pickers like Doc Watson and Lester Flatt. Notable players over the last decade are Jack Johnson, Pete Murray, Taylor Swift, John Butler and one of Trevor’s students from many years ago Xavier Rudd.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons at Caroline Springs School of Guitar

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