Classical Guitar Lessons – Caroline Springs, Melbourne Western Suburbs

Learn Classical Guitar


The classical guitar (also called classic guitar, Spanish guitar, nylon-string guitar or concert guitar) is played by individual strings being plucked with the fingernails or, rarely, fingertips.

Since graduating with classical guitar as his principal instrument Trevor has stayed abreast of significant advances in the development of playing methods, steering away from the left and right hand techniques of the old school, establishing a more ergonomic and comfortable playing style that helps the player concentrate on tone and melody development and making the experience much more enjoyable.

Classical Guitar Lessons at Caroline Springs School of Guitar

The scope of music available to students interested in learning the Classical Guitar with Trevor is enormous. It ranges from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods through to the contemporary Classical Guitar music of the 20th century and today. Student will perform the music of Classical Guitar composers such as Purcell, Vallderabano, Bach, Sanz, De Visee, Aguado, Carcassi, Carulli, Guiliani, Sor, Tarrega, Albenez, Poulenc, Ponce, Villa-Lobos, Barrios-Mangore, Houghton and the list goes on and on.

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