Guitar Lessons for Children Caroline Springs School of Guitar

Guitar Lessons for Children


Learning guitar helps children;

  • Build Self esteem
  • Increase brain capacity and fine motor skills
  • Improves concentration and learning skills
  • Gain a sense of pride and achievement


Junior program specifically written for junior players from five to twelve years old.

Cute little girl playing the guitar

The McQuade Guitar Method for Children is designed to introduce children to the joy of music while having fun learning to play the guitar. It displays its versatility as a solo instrument, as an ensemble or band instrument and as an accompaniment to another instrument or voice.

The McQuade Guitar Method for Children is a series of 3 books, each one carefully prepared to guide the student through a step by step format. The lesson material is delivered to ensure gradual physical development and co-ordination of motor skills and strength.

Caroline Springs School of Guitar understands the strength and growth aspects of primary school children.  The McQuade Guitar Method for Children contains specifically tailored lessons and technique development to ensure maximum fun with no physical strain or pain.

To help the student develop a musical ear and maximise enjoyment, the McQuade Guitar Method for Children focuses on learning to read music and small chord shapes, using nursery rhymes and children’s songs that your child will be familiar with.

On completion of book 3 your child will be able to play and read all of the notes and chords in first position, have a strong foundational understanding of the workings of music and be able to play repertoire and technical studies equivalent to the Preliminary guitar exams with The AMEB, The AGMS and ANZCA.

Caroline Springs School of Guitar also offers Junior Guitar Ensemble, an ensemble based activity every Saturday, where your child will enjoy playing and sharing music socially in a group environment.

For more details on enrolling your children in guitar lessons or to arrange a free lesson contact Trevor.