The Ergorest Review 13/09/2013 by Trev

I remember back in the late eighties or early nineties there was a phone number being handed around amongst classical guitarists in Melbourne for a guy who had created a small lightweight device designed to lift the guitar off the lap and eliminate the use of the footrest. It was called the “Zini Stand”, if my memory serves me correct the inventor was Allan Zavod.

I ended up having to buy 2, after breaking the first one trying to make a modification. I still have the second one although the suction cups have gone brittle and wont adhere to the guitar properly. The “Zini Stand” was fantastic invention!

Fast forward to this year, imagine my surprise whilst on you tube I stumbled upon a player using a larger version of the “Zini Stand”. After some research (more cyber surfing) I discovered the name of this larger copy was the “Ergo Stand”

For those of you like me who believe left hand hand technique is vital, but also find the traditional classical guitar posture uncomfortable, you are going to love this product!

The thing I like most about the Zini and the Ergo Stand is that they can be attached to the guitar in a way that allows you to sit the guitar on the right leg (instead of in between the legs) and adjust it so the neck of the guitar can be positioned at the angle that suits you for a much better ergonomic left hand technique. This means no more strained wrists and less chance of repetitive strain injury. It also eliminates any posture problems so no more hunching over the guitar.

The other bonus of the Ergo and Zini Stands is the freedom of not having to be positioned so far forward on your seat. With the guitar on your right lap and the neck angled at 45 degrees you can actually get your lower back up against the back of the chair and lean back totally supported and relax while you are playing. Personally I use a comfy high back office chair without the arm rests.

Whenever I play whilst sitting I use my new Ergo Stand, its attached to my favourite guitar and I love it. So does every one of my students!

By the way this is not a paid endorsement. Mine cost Au$49.00 plus delivery.

Tally ho